2021 and The Future

2021 new year


Happy 2021 everybody! It's only about a week in the new year, yet it's already looking to be a big year for us. Not only are we continuing to sell our normal products, however we are working hard to give new gifts and some flowery surprises along the way. 

It's hard to believe we've already been a company for four years, but we've both thourougly enjoyed the ride so far and are excited for what the future holds. You may not know much about us, but we have quite the interesting story. We were both born in Ohio and spent pretty much all of our high school lives together. Since then, we owned a floral shop and designed wedding flowers together. As if we weren't already close, both of our daughters were born on the same day; exactly two years apart and we both currently live in Powell, Ohio about five minutes from one another with the exact same kind of car in our driveways. And to top it all off, we both married our high-school sweethearts. We have always loved working together, as we both bring our own strengths in our projects to help make the best final product possible. This company we own now is a prime example of that. Everything in our store is hand-crafted and packaged by us, with the help of our children (and sometime our husbands pitch in). This way our customers know they are receiving something real and authentic from the hands of talented floral artists. We appreciate all the support we receive, and are delighted to know so many people enjoy our products enough to adorn them on their doors, walls, etc. The amount our company has grown in the years we have been active is amazing, and we hope we can continue to grow as we move further into the year. 

Thank you for all of your support, and we hope you and your families have an amazing year. We can all use a good year after everything that happened in 2020. 


Kara and Daphne 

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